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Highbury Primary School

Our School values

Our values are embedded within our school and our curriculum.

At Highbury Primary School and Nursery, we are committed to promoting and developing our core values for our children. We value not only what they are learning but, more importantly, how they are learning it.

It is our aim to raise standards by promoting a school ethos which is underpinned by core values. These values support the development of the whole child as reflective learners within a calm, caring, happy and purposeful environment.

Just as people may go to a gym to strengthen and improve their bodies, children come to Highbury Primary School and do the same with their minds.

We believe nobody has a fixed intelligence or ability in any area. No one is born ‘good at maths’ or ‘able to become an astronaut’. The skills we need can be developed in everybody.

To see our school values leaflet for parents click here or see the bottom of this page.

We are helped to remember to use these values as we learn by our Value heroes. Please click on our value heroes for more information about what each learning value hero means to us.

Meet our Value heroes:

Our value hero for Respect is; Our value hero for Resilience is; Our value hero for Confidence is; Our value hero for Kindness is; Our value hero for Inclusive is; Our value hero for Aspiration is;



Respectful Rio Determined Darby Confident Clyde Kindness Kelby Inclusive Immy Aspirational Adley