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Highbury Primary School

Nursery Food and Drink


Milk and water are available each day for children at Nursery. Fruit and dry snacks are also shared with the children at this time.


Lunchtime is between 1130-1230hrs. If your child is bringing a packed lunch, please write their name clearly on their lunchbox to avoid confusion. Food containing nuts and egg in its natural form must not be brought into nursery due to children suffering from severe allergies. This means egg sandwiches, boiled eggs, Scotch eggs, savoury eggs and homemade quiche. Chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy or energy drinks are also not permitted in lunch boxes.

A hot school dinner can be ordered for your child at an additional cost of £2.34 which must be ordered and paid for in advance. Please see below for the menu.

Food Tasting

During your child's time at nursery they will have the opportunity to take part in food preparation and tasting activities. This may be due to a topic or a theme or appreciating other cultures. 


If your child suffers or has recently been diagnosed with a food allergy, please advise us as soon as possible.

Autumn / Winter 2022 Menu

Healthy Eating Policy