Ivy class 

Letters To Parents and Homework

Y6 Parent Letter Spring 2 February 2019 

Year 6 Autumn

On Wednesday 28th November, Holly and Ivy enjoyed an insightful trip to the Natural History Museum in London. After a whistle-stop tour of the dinosaur exhibition, we made extensive notes on our theme topic of volcanoes and earthquakes before taking in the wonders of the fantastic mammal display.

We have used this learning in Literacy over the last few weeks culminating in the production of independent information reports for the use of younger students who will use our fantastically informative writing to further their own knowledge and understanding.

Many of our pupils have continued to achieve great results following the accelerated reading programme. Completing regular quizzes and making good progress in the latest star tests. We would like to remind all students of the importance of daily reading to help in every area of the school curriculum and hope to see greater improvements over the next term.

Our theme next term will be The Vikings, and we will be changing our immersive classrooms in the first week back. Look out for Viking Longboats and Mead Halls, making their way to a classroom near you soon….




Year 6 have had a great first half of the Autumn Term. We started with a sensory walk to Foxes Forest where we used inspiration from the environment around us to help us in our writing. We made notes about what we could hear, see, touch, taste and smell. Then, imagining we were in a rainforest, we wrote some fantastic poems!

Our rainforest theme progressed, and we have learnt a little more detail about the Amazon and its Geography; we have looked at world and more localised maps, we have learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that inhabit each one, and recapped the water cycle from earlier in our learning.
In English, our skills in writing character and setting descriptions have improved greatly, and just before half term each of us independently wrote a journey story. You are always welcome to come and read our writing if you’d like to see how fantastic they are.
In Maths, the new Times Table Rockstars program has been motivating many of us with our multiplication skills, and using that alongside BBC Supermovers in class (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/supermovers/42612499) has meant many of us have made a real improvement.
As we approach Christmas, we will be moving our learning towards volcanoes and earthquakes. On 28th November we will be visiting the Natural History Museum to enjoy their volcano and earthquake exhibition. (http://www.highburyprimary.org/letters-to-parents/) We can’t wait!