Daisy Room

Welcome to Daisy Room!

We are the pre-schoolers of the Nursery and will be learning lots of new things through play to help us get ready for school. We have all sorts of fun inside and outside with Theresa, Millie, Zita, Charlotte, Lily, Fiona and Amy.

Our learning begins with Welcome time, followed by key person group time. Every day we also enjoy Play to Learn times with the Year R classes where we can choose our learning and engage in adult led activities.

Our theme this term is ‘How do I feel’ and we will be thinking about how we show our feelings, what makes us happy and how we can make our friends happy. We will be going on Bear hunts, learning to re-tell the story by Michael Rosen using actions and pictures.


Swan Room

The Daisy room is a bright space with direct access to the outside space which allows the children to free flow between the inside and outside provision. Swans are an exciting environment for children aged three and over. We have a SMART board and touch-screen computer for exciting new ways of learning, as children prepare for the move up to school. Daisy get to free flow twice a day with the Reception classes to encourage transition to school and further support children’s learning. In all rooms at Highbury Nursery we have a creative area, cosy book corner, construction area, mathematical area, messy play area and home corner, all of which are always available. There is also direct access to the garden for exploring outdoors. Nursery children access our large outside provision and can often be seen exploring as they hunt for bugs and plant vegetables and flowers.