Buttercup Room

Welcome to Buttercup Room!

We are the under two’s  of the Nursery and will be learning lots of new things through play to help us get ready for pre-school. We have all sorts of fun inside and outside with Janice, Hannah, Bonnie, Alisha, Tracey, Daisy, Maria and Sharna.

Our learning begins with Welcome time, followed by key person group time. Every day we also enjoy Play to Learn times, inside, outside with Daisys and Ducklings, where we can choose our learning.

Our theme this term is ‘How do I feel’ and we will be thinking about how we show our feelings, what makes us happy and how we can make our friends happy. We will be going on bear hunts, learning to re-tell the story by Michael Rosen using actions and pictures.

We are ‘Cheerful Buttercups’ and all on a learning journey together!

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Our Buttercup room is another large, bright and spacious room that is set out to allow children space to play freely within defined spaces and direct access to outside to allow free flow. Children can make the most of their growing independence in nursery, they begin to learn to self-serve their own snacks and make choices about when they want to play in the outside provision.