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The National Curriculum objectives for English can be found within the following document:-


Phonic reading and spelling lists for each term /each year group based on the national expectations can be found here…

Reception     Year-1     Year-2     Year-3     Year-4     Year-5     Year-6


Year Group Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Terminology

Children need to know and understand the words below. They also need to be able to identify examples of them in their reading and use them within their writing.

Each year group must also understand all previous year groups’ terminology. Explanations of all items in bold are included in the NC_English_Glossary_Highlighted_For_Year_Groups. Explanations of all other items can be found in the GPS Highbury Glossary.


Discover new, classic and other popular books that we’re sure you’ll love…

Books to love – Nursery and Reception       Books to love – Year 1     Books to love – Year 2

Books to love – Year 3     Books to love – Year 4     Books to love – Year 5     Books to love – Year 6

You can view the DfE expectations for writing at the end of KS1 (Year 2) and end of KS2 (Year 6); this includes examples of pupils writing at the expected standard and for those children who are writing at greater depth.

Year-2-end-of-year-writing-expectations     Year-2-end-of-year-writing-at-greater-depth

End-of-ks2-writing-expectations     End-of-KS2-writing-expectations-at-greater-depth

Please experiment with last years (2016) Year 6 SATS papers.  Feel free to print them and practice!  You can find the relevant papers here…

KS2 English-reading-SATS-papers-2016     KS2 English-SATS-papers-2016     KS2 English-spellings-SATS-papers-2016

Other useful information to help with your child’s literacy

Handwriting Styles

High frequency words

Learning through play

Learning to read

Understanding Personification


What are Similes?

What are Homophones?

What is a Metaphor?

What is Alliteration?

What is Onomatopoeia?