6th November


This half term we are learning about India!

India is the second most populated country in the world, with 1 billion people living in it . Taj  Mahal is the most popular building to visit for tourists in India.



20th October

All About Mexico!

This week was called languages week where all the classes learned about one country. We learned about Mexico. Year 3 learned about Rome in Italy. Year 5 learned about Beijing and Year 6 learned about Rio de Janeiro.

In ancient Mexico Aztecs lived there until the Spanish invaded and that’s why they speak Spanish.

Albie and Mitchell (Sunflower Bloggers)




Fishbourne Roman Palace

We went to Fishbourne Roman Palce on Thursday 14th September to learn more about the Romans and when they invaded the country. At Fishbourne, we saw a range of Roman artefacts that Romans used and what they built. We had great fun going around in groups and completing a range of activities, like dressing up as Romans.

Albie and Mitchell


6th September 2017 Welcome back to Year 4.

Welcome to all Year 4 pupils at Highbury who are now in Sunflower Class. There are 27 children who are part of this class with Mrs Shucksmith and Mr Magnus teaching us. Miss Sadler, Mr Ghosh or Mr Magnus teach us PE each day also. Our first theme is the Romans and exciting holiday homeworks are displayed in our bay area already. We have shields, sandals, amphitheatres, clay pots, helmets and even a gladius. Speak to any of the children in this class if you want to know more as each pupil has presented their holiday learning to the rest of class. Some of them brought PowerPoint presentations, others brought posters and ‘artefacts’ to show. Everyone got involved. Next week we are looking forward to our visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace where we can find out even more about when the Romans came to live in this country. This is on Thursday 14th September, look out for more information about what to bring on the day.