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On Friday 11th November 2016, we went to Gunwharf to watch ‘The Good Dinosaur’. Early in the morning, around 8.15, we did the register at school. After that, we walked to Cosham train station where we stood and waited for a train to arrive. However, some people arrived at the station by minibus.

Once we were on the train, Mrs Chaplen challenged us with some riddles- the best one was, “What belongs to you but people use it more than you?”- can you solve it too? Ask your child for the answer!

When we arrived at Portsmouth Harbour station, we saw HMS Warrior, the Spinnaker Tower and the bowling alley. We wandered to Gunwharf, and then went up the escalator to Vue cinema. Excitedly, we took our seats and watched the film. We thought it was brilliant, emotional and dramatic. Some of us left at the end of the movie and said, “I cried a little bit.”

At midday, we ate our delicious lunches by the humongous Christmas tree in the middle of the shopping centre, just before we caught the train back to school.


We welcome you back to a successful, fun-filled year in Year 5 with me, Mrs Chaplen, and the amazing staff, Mr Magnus and Mrs Rixon. We cannot wait to share all of our learning with you all.

So far, we’ve already been on a trip to Milestones Living History Museum, acted out a Victorian school room (Dunce’s hat and all!), pretended to be street children and sung along to “I do like to be beside the seaside.” If you haven’t guessed already, our topic is all about, “would you like to have been a Victorian child?”


Please ensure that your child is reading at home and completing homework and bringing it into school on the days it is due in.

We appreciate all the hard work you do with your child at home.