Bluebell Class 17th December.

Hello all,

We are getting towards the end of the first term in Year 3 and I’m happy to say all children have coped with the transition very well. It is a big jump from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 with the play element being taken away and a lot more focus on hard work. The difficulty has increased too and will continue to do so until the end of the year. Confidence is key so please continue to praise and support your children as you have done this term. Homework is also important as it consolidates the things they have been learning in school. Thank you so much for help, it makes a big difference.

There have been tears, minor accidents, lost jumpers, lost lunch boxes, lost recorders and even a lost dress this term! Regardless of this, we’ve made it to the end of term it was a great success for all.

Merry Christmas

Whilst I’ve got your attention. Next term is Spring term and our topic is Africa. We have always had an especially good time learning about Africa, singing African music and maybe dancing. We’ll also visit Marwell Zoo as soon as the weather gets better. Some warmth to look forward to over the chilly Christmas break.

Again, you have wonderful children who all work incredibly hard.  I’m sure you are very proud of them.

End of term assessments show we are all moving in the right direction. Progress is being made by all

See you Next Year

Mr Bush

P.s. Miss Bugden is off to look for her first job, after training with me and Bluebell class. She loved every minute and will be missed by us all.




Welcome to the Bluebell Class Webpage.

Dear Bluebells and families.

Welcome to year 3. We’ve had a great start to the year with everyone settling in well and already producing some really impressive work in all subjects. I always have high expectations of the children I teach and the new Bluebells are working amazingly hard already. You should be very proud, they’re wonderful.

As you know, this half term’s theme has been dinosaurs in which we have learnt about rock types, fossils, dinosaurs and finally how we think they became extinct. I am still trying to book a trip to Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight. I will keep you posted on this.

Next half term the theme is Magic during which we will be visited by a real magician. ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ will be our class reader and our English model text. Along with making magic potions, spooky spells and other magical events this will be another excellent opportunity for your children to shine yet again. You will see for yourselves their amazing work when you visit our Magic Day towards the end of term.

As you will know we’ve introduced a new reading system. Bluebells have already been awarded as the winners of the most reading quizzes in the whole school! This is very impressive as the older ones usually win these. Another example of your children’s dedication and yours for making sure they read daily at home. Let’s keep going and win next month’s too. Another success is the Monday spelling test scores which have been great too. All above 50%, most around 70% to 90%. This is excellent, so well done again.

Although homework is completed by most I will remind you of its importance. The homework is now a consolidation of the work they have been doing in school. Also please make sure they have a PE kit to wear for daily PE.


Mr Bush (Year 3 lead) and Mrs Wright


If you need to talk something through or need guidance you are welcome anytime as long as I’m free and there are no children around. No problem at all. If I am busy we can arrange another time very soon.