Class Update – 22.11.17

On Friday the 17th of November, year 5 visited Vue cinemas in Gunwharf to watch Zootropolis .When we arrived, Mrs Chaplin started to quiz year 5 on Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney films and characters . Harry Gee kindly brought in 30 packs of sweet popcorn for the people who didn’t have any. Once the funny film started, everyone went quiet in their seats, halfway through the film all of year 5 jumped. Thank you to Mrs Chaplin, Miss Chadwick, Mrs Moore and Miss Fuller. We all had a great time!


Lavender Class Homework – Set: 17.11.17 Due 22.11.17

Please find below a copy of this week’s homework. The children have been given 3 pieces of homework; GPS practice, Maths Practice and Spellings. Please see your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.



Look Cover Write Check Spelling Homework 10.11 SEND

Look Cover Write Check Spelling Homework 17.11

Our Tech Deck Trip Report

On Tuesday 14th November, Year 5 (Lavender and Mint) went to the Tech Deck in Southsea. It is the headquarters of the BAR (Ben    Racing) team competing in the America’s cup. We walked to the train station as fast as we could, got onto the train, got off the train at Portsmouth Harbour and had a twenty minute walk to where we had lunch. Once we arrived at the Tech Deck, we participated in different activities including watching the highlights of The 2017 America’s Cup in Bermuda. After that, Mark (our tour guide) was kind enough to let us explore the exhibition. Next, we were given an envelope full of statements and statistics about ocean plastics. For example: America use 3,000,000 bottles per hour.

Following this, we discussed how ocean plastics affect marine life including birds. We were given a tray with popcorn and plastic in, a spoon and a cup. We were asked to scoop the popcorn and plastic into the cup as fast as we could. This was to imitate how a bird would eat. Once we had filled the cup, we had to remove the popcorn (which would be digested by the bird) and leave the plastic. The plastic cannot be digested by birds and so they still feel full and starve to death.

Finally, we made a promise to change one thing that will help keep our oceans plastic free and our marine life healthy. We enjoyed our day out and can’t wait to complete more work on this back at school.

Lavender Class Homework – Set: 10.11.17 Due 15.11.17


Please find below a copy of this week’s homework. The children have been given 3 pieces of homework; GPS practice, Questions for the Tech Deck and Spellings. Please see your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.


Look Cover Write Check Spelling Homework 10.11 SEND

Look Cover Write Check Spelling Homework 10.11

Ocean Plastics Homework


Class Update – 8.11.17

This week we have been looking at the Great Barrier Reef and also completing research about this subject in our ICT Learning Zone. We have created some amazing homework using statistics about the Great Barrier Reef including: models, PowerPoints and fact cards. An example of our homework, completed by Cameron McCaffray, is available to look at in the link below. In maths this week, we have been looking at more adding and subtracting using the column method. We are becoming more confident using written methods to solve problems and are looking forward to our…big maths test on Friday. In GPS we have been looking at relative clauses, why don’t you ask us to show you one when we get home? We have been enjoying our lessons in PE with Mr Ghosh, Miss Sadler and Mr Magnus. We have been working on improving our team games and football and basketball skills. This week, we learnt all about the Power-of-one and how we can stop bullying in our school by changing our own behaviour. We are going to be completing some follow up work on this ready for Anti-Bullying week next week.  We learnt that there are 3 types of bullying: cyber bullying, verbal bullying and physical bullying. Cameron, Carter and Jack also represented Lavender Class at the Sports Leader Training at Mountbatten Centre on Tuesday. They participated in different activities and received a pack of resources to enable them to be sports leaders within Highbury Primary School. We are very proud of them!

By Lavender Class


the great barrier reef (2)

Class Update – 1.11.17

Languages week (Lavender Class)

Last term in language’s week, we learnt the Chinese language, Mandarin. We also learnt to count to ten and by the end of the week we could count to ten with no mistakes.  Someone came in to talk to us who originally lived in Beijing, China and taught us how to write in Mandarin and told us about lots of temples and palace’s such as the ‘Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven’. We also are looking forward to finishing Kensuke’s Kingdom and also cooking our empanadas. We also enjoyed designing and making our terracotta warriors and making them. We all created such amazing sketches that took us half an hour of careful concentration. We all really enjoyed making our clay models, which are pictured below. In forest school, we all pretended to be stranded on a desert island and our teacher gave us a big sheet of tarpaulin and we all climbed up the trees and held it up. Then, we tied it to a tree and went inside and put down logs to sit on. Forest school is a very good outdoor lesson led by Mrs Fuller our lovely teacher. Last week, we also performed our amazing class assembly based on languages in the BBC breakfast news room. All the class had a country, city and three people from our class would talk about it. For example, Italy, Rome, France, Paris. With Miss Chadwick, we made mini great walls of china out of paper they were very hard but, we all got there in the end!

By Willow and Jaydon

Welcome to Lavender Class

Welcome to Year 5 and the Lovely Lavenders! Our class is taught by Miss Noice and Mrs Moore. We are a group of creative, eco-friendly, respectful children who love to learn and have fun. We enjoy developing our skills across the curriculum and learning about other religions and cultures. Our class is very active, fit and passionate which enables us to have a healthy competition where all are included in our PE lessons. We use a growth mindset to be determined to succeed in all subjects within school and to persevere with the challenges we find more difficult. Lovely Lavenders have a positive attitude at all times and strive to be positive about all our friends and classmates. We look after each other and praise each other’s learning with mutual respect by showing people we appreciate what they have done for us. We are proud to be Lovely Lavenders!

Lavender class have a quest,

From North, South, East to West,

Why don’t you just put us to the test?

And we will prove we are the best!