Duckling Room

Welcome to Duckling Room!

We are the babies of the Nursery and can start as early as six months old. We will be learning lots of new things through sensory play to help develop our personal and social skills. We have all sorts of fun inside and outside, getting messy with Hannah, Paula, Siana and Erin.

Our fun begins every day with songs, rhymes and stories, followed by a sensory activity, which could involve foam, beans, water, paints and flour to name a few.

Our theme this term is ‘How do I feel’ and we will be thinking about how we show our feelings, what makes us happy and how we can make our friends happy. We will be going on Bear hunts, listening to the story by Michael Rosen using actions and pictures.

We are ‘Darling Ducklings’ and all on a learning journey together!

The Duckling room is a bright space with direct access to the outside space. As children discover their mobility and begin to walk confidently, our room is the ideal environment to support this learning; resources and activities are set out to allow the children space to move freely and safely. Ducklings share the outside space with the whole foundation stage and use it as a free flow provision as well as goinDuckling2g out regularly for walks in the local area. A wide range of exciting and stimulating activities are available and enjoyed by all the children.