Friday 23rd March Year 4 Homework ready for Monday 26th March (Spring Term Assessments and Autumn/Spring spelling tests)

year 4 maths homework 23march

year 4 spring and autumn spellings


Friday 23rd March 2018

This week Year 3 and 4 impressed everybody with their stunning production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the fabulous story by CS Lewis that represents the Easter themes of sacrifice, putting others first and love for all that wins through. A wonderful message to celebrate as we approach the end of term and Easter.

Well done to all the children involved (every single child had a role in the production from the beginning to the end, preparing and putting it all on the stage for the audience). Thank you to all the parents who supported by coming to the shows or learning lines or providing costumes and props. Thank you to all the staff who put a great deal of time and effort into the preparations and the show itself (many unseen eg. the gallant team who painted and stitched our magnificent backdrop, or indeed managed to hang it in the right place!). Thank you to all the school staff who supported Year 3 and 4 as they prepared.

Congratulations for an amazing team effort, led by director Mrs Higgins.





Thursday 21st December 2017

Happy Holidays.

Please find below a copy of the Spring Curriculum letter.

Please note:

This will be another exciting term which ends with the Year 3 and 4 children putting on a performance of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and our celebrations for Easter. Dates to keep free for the production are: 19/3 Rehearsal to school, 20/3 afternoon production 2pm, 21/3 evening production 6pm.

We are planning to take the children on a residential trip to Sayers Croft activity centre near Guildford on 9th to 11th July.  There will be a parent’s meeting about this in the New Year and we will be looking to book places by the end of January.

Christmas Homework Task: As our new theme is Electricity, we would like you to research Electricity and how it was discovered. You could produce a poster, model, information booklet or use ICT to create a power point presentation. Be creative! We look forward to seeing your finished work to put on display.

We also would like you to make some snowflakes to create our immersive environment.

Due: Tuesday 9th January (our first day back).

Year 4 Curriculum newsletter Spring 1 & 2 to update for 2017-18


Friday 15th December – Year 4 Homework due 20th December

Literacy Homework:


Use a picture of a Christmas tree infront of a log fire to write a short Christmassy scene setting.  

Remember to include : noun phrases (eg the bright, shimmering lights), fronted adverbials (eg as fast as she could; all night long; in the distance), and some interesting conjunctions (therefore, because, however, consequently)

Numeracy Homework:

Choose a number form each box. Multiply your numbers together using a written method of short multiplication. Do this 4 times.


36   76      79      58   6    5    4     3


Keep up the reading Year 4. Lots of children have made good progress. Keep it up. 

SPECIAL THANK YOU to the brave parents and helpers that came with us on a VERY wet walk to the library! We have all got some  exciting new books to read.

Thank you to Cosham Library for their time and accommodation for our visiting groups. Its a great place to visit and the children are beginning to feel like its ‘their library’ too.


Library Trip on Thursday 7th December. Letters out soon.

Friday 24th November 2017


Year 4 spelling lists

Friday 24th November 2017

Homework, due on Wednesday 29th November:

Maths: multiplying by 1 and O and dividing by 1. Children will need to answer a quick test to see if they have remembered the pattern and can apply their understanding to complete ‘missing number’ questions eg. 6 x 4 x 1 = 24, 15 x 0 =0 and 12 ÷ 1 = 12. There are helpful statements at the top of each page to help.

English: Find out about robot penguins and how they help scientists whilst practising your comprehension skills. Read the text carefully before answering the questions.

Spellings: The big Autumn Spellings test is next week so please make sure that All spellings are learned.

All homeworks are attached.

Year 4 team



Welcome to Daffodil Class! Our teachers are Mrs Higgins, Mrs Haddow and Mrs Jordon.

Our first topic of the term was the Romans.  We visited Fishbourne Roman Palace, where we tasted Roman food, tried on Roman costumes and had a go at weaving and Roman writing. We had lots of fun!  In class we loved making our own mosaics, as well as creating information leaflets about how the Romans lived.

We are now learning about India! Did you know that there are more than 150 languages spoken in India?  We are looking forward to learning more about Indian religions, games and festivals!