30th Oct 2017

Hello and welcome to Rabbit Class.  Our teachers are Mrs Walton and Mrs Burt.  Mrs Cobb and Mrs Stokes are also teaching us while Mrs Walton is not here.

In our first half term we have had great fun finding out all about who would live in a castle, what castles were used for and what they were like.  To help us find out, we visited Southsea Castle.  We learnt lots of fun and interesting facts about people who lived in castles, including what they ate and drank, and how they dressed.  We also learnt about castles in stories, and wrote our own story based on Jack and the Beanstalk.  We even designed and made our own catapults, then had great fun testing them out!

To finish the first half term, we learnt all about Barcelona in Languages Week.  We learnt about the architect, Antoni Gaudi, and the beautiful buildings he designed in Barcelona.  Then we designed a new football kit for Barcelona football club using the colours, patterns and items linked to Barcelona and Spain.  We enjoyed learning how to make Spanish tapas, and especially enjoyed  tasting it – it was so yummy! To celebrate all our learning during Languages week, the rest of the school came to see us perform our Flamenco dance in the hall. They were very impressed!

What a busy first half term we have had.   This half term, we’ll be learning how different festivals are celebrated, including those within our own school.  Just wait for our nativity performance – you’re in for a amazing show this year!